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Blue Water

Let's Get To It

It's a lot easier to sail a boat when you know how to sail a boat. The same goes for driving meaningful change in your life and understanding the fundamental mechanics of the body-brain systems.


Thriving isn't just the absence of stress and hard. Thriving is also cultivating joy, serenity, courage, resilience, perseverance, and creativity.

Things we cover:

Using the science of neuroplasticity and neuroscience to drive meaningful change.

Learn about your nervous system, your vagus nerve, and overall nervous system health and regulation.

Understand your body's processes that influence how you think, make decisions, and act... often without conscious awareness.

Tools to stay grounded, present, and fully yourself in intense environments.

How to be intentional and aligned with your core values.

Mental and emotional resilience. 

How to navigate change, upheaval, and the constant pulls of life without losing focus of your priorities and the long-game.

Fishing Boat

One-on-One Coaching

For the high-performer who wants to be a better leader, feel confident in high-stakes situations, stay focused on priorities without getting derailed by everyday chaos, have peak cognitive performance, and drive meaningful change and growth. Personalized coaching in combination with the latest neuroscience and neuroplasticity research.

Kayak in the beach

Nervous System Masterclass

The neuroscience of the nervous system and the vagus nerve. Learn how your physiology influences your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors at a subconscious level. Learn how to take your agency back from subconscious control.

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