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Here to Thrive

Neuroscience-based executive leadership and performance consultancy

You are your biggest asset. Harness the science of the body-brain connection.

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Hi - I'm Shannon


I help business executives understand the neuroscience of how you think and make decisions, providing you with tools for better mental performance, stress resiliency, and the focus you need to thrive as a leader both in and out of the office.

But not in the abstract. New scientific research has shown the very real neurological and physiological impacts of chronic stress, chronic grind culture, trauma, and overall high-intensity environments. It all happens in the vagus nerve. I teach you the tools needed to take your agency back.

Striving to be the best doesn’t have to mean living in a state of chronic stress. In fact, performing your best means having incredible resilience to stressors and adversity and using it to learn and grow. A resilience a lot of us don't have. This is where I help.

MIT Sloan School of Management, Neuroscience and Business Leadership 

Certified in Polyvagal Theory, studying under Jessica Maguire

Certified in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania

BA University of Colorado

500 hour YTT

To learn more about my story, click here.

Or to cut to the chase, click here to work with me.

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Anchored In Our Core Values


To see and be seen. To hear and be heard. We thrive together.


We get what we give. Showing-up and committing to the work is when the magic starts.


Being thoughtful with our attitudes and actions, providing us with resolve and dedication to stay in purpose.


Sincerity and openness. A willingness to be genuine. It's refreshing.


Personal power to be who we want to be. Incredible trust in self.

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