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Your brain doesn't care if you're happy

I looked fantastic on paper. I had titles like SVP and CFO throughout a career in commercial real estate that people were really impressed by. From the outside in, I looked like I was happy, successful, fun, well connected, and living the American high-life dream.

The truth is, I was overly stressed, overly worked, and constantly at war with the misery I felt internally. I hid it well though. Not only from others, but from me too.

I didn't want to admit to myself that being a successful mid 30’s executive kind of felt like… shit.

After all, isn’t this exactly what I worked so hard for?

But in May of 2019, after a week of increasing pain, I decided to listen to the little voice inside me that said I should have it looked at. I drove myself to the ER thinking I was being a baby about something that was probably incredibly benign like a stomach cramp. I assumed they would give me a Sprite and some Advil, roll their eyes, and send me on my way.

Turns out I wasn’t being dramatic. I went on medical leave for a year and had seven surgeries in that time for something I believe was directly caused by stress.

In a desperate attempt to heal my inner world, I scrapped my real estate career and dove-in, headfirst to learning everything I could about the body and brain.

I enrolled in a neuroscience program at MIT and have spent thousands of additional hours learning, researching, and reading everything I can about neuroscience, neurobiology, the body-mind connection, and all things human performance.

I’m finally living up to the potential of what my life could be.

It’s become my obsession. Now it’s my mission to help you live better too.

I learned that I’m not fated to be an anxious, stressed, somewhat unhappy person. I learned that in fact, I wasn’t fucked-up at all – and neither are you.

The brain-body systems don't care that you're happy, they only care that you're alive. My body was doing what it was meant to do, trying to keep me alive. 

Life can be unrelenting, I get it. But there is a better way. You can live up to your potential, too.

Working with me, you will learn how to improve the things you want (performance, mental toughness, resiliency) and remove the things you don’t (stress, perfectionism, and destructive habits).

We start with where you are, define where you want to go, and use the science of your brain and body to get you there.

It takes work to build the new habits of who you want to be. The magic of this work though? You build new neural pathways and circuits in your brain-body, so that the new way of being eventually becomes your automatic way of being. It’s only effort at first.

You’ve worked this hard to get where you are now, so why not also be happy?

The body leads the mind. Click here to get started.

Qualifications are important:

MIT Sloan School of Management, Neuroscience and Business Leadership 

Certificated in Polyvagal Theory, studying under Jessica Maguire

Certified in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania

BA University of Colorado

500 hour YTT

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