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Learn to drive meaningful change and to thrive

You're highly motivated and high performing. You've achieved a lot in your career and in your life, but you thought it would all feel somehow different. It feels like a lot of stress and a lot of juggling. It's overwhelming to keep up with the constant pace and demands of living - career, family, relationships, wellness, happiness. 

For the executive who wants a better approach to living well and having a handle on everyday pressures.


I help you:

Understand how you show-up in and out of the office

Learn the neuroscience of the why and how you think and make decisions the way that you do

Use the tools of neuroscience to shift your mindset and belief systems to one of abundance and opportunity

Understand your physiology to help you unlock new and innovative modalities of thinking

Cultivate more mental resilience and mental toughness

Stay focused on your long-term goals without getting sidetracked by the persistence of everyday distractions

Harness your physiology to be your best in high-stakes situations

Develop a strong sense of identity and core values, allowing you to be your best self


All personalized and curated to your unique needs.


My coaching program is a mix of coaching and teaching, We start with twelve sessions, with the beginning of the program more focused on teaching - it's easier to sail a boat when you know how to sail a boat, the same is true for driving meaningful change in your life, so it's important to learn the mechanics of your neurobiology.

What we cover:

  • Nervous system anatomy and function

    • How stress and trauma rewire our brain-body system and directly alter how we function, feel, behave, and make choices about our future

  • Neuroscience foundational learning

    • How our body and brain communicate

    • How the entire system operates and creates states, feelings, and emotions

    • How hormones and other neurotransmitters work and how they facilitate our states of being

    • Nervous system health and regulation

  • Neuroplasticity

    • How the brain and body store information and memory

    • How the past subconsciously influences everything about our present and future

    • How to drive change and rewire our systems for change that we want

    • Making the subconscious, conscious

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