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Nervous System Reset 

The neuroscience of the nervous system and the vagus nerve

Did you know your brain and body fundamentally change after prolonged periods of stress? Even stress that seems innocuous and light.


This process happens in the vagus nerve. Like the spinal cord, but for your nervous system. This rewiring affects everything from your decision making, problem solving, mental clarity, to your immune health, hormonal health, and emotional wellbeing.

You may not even think your stress is that bad. You just don't sleep well, your shoulders are always tense, you strangely feel tired and wired, sometimes you snap at your team and you're surprised by it, you drink more caffeine than you'd like to because you feel foggy and drained.

Stress is sneaky in how it shows up. And then it lurks. If we're not able to fully reset and recover after a tight work deadline that we had to grind to meet or a stressful week full of meetings and pitches, stress starts to build. 

The building of stress is the problem. Little by little, our bodies accumulate it all and then our nervous systems rewire to adjust for this new stressful way of being. We train our bodies that stress is the normal and we have to remain on high-alert all the time.

This change in our wiring alters our brains. It impacts our thoughts, emotions, memories and the meaning we attach to them. This diminishes our resiliency, our perseverance, and our ability to maintain confidence in the face of challenges. These changes then impact our decision making and the actions we take, dramatically altering the course of our lives and we often don't even know it's happened.

It all starts in the body, not the mind. Chronic stress and trauma are physiological experiences. The good news, we can heal.


The body leads the mind, so we start with the body. I'll teach you the way.

In this masterclass, you'll learn:

  • Biology you actually want to know: how your nervous system works and how it’s designed to keep you safe.

  • How things go wrong and how you become dysregulated. 

  • You can’t outthink your triggers. Before you can heal your mind, you need to heal your body.

  • Tools to start healing your nervous system and take control back. With consistent practice and awareness, you can heal your system and bring yourself back into regulation.

The next live masterclass is December 20th and it's FREE, with recording provided. Sign-up here.

To schedule something personalized for you or your team, contact me here.

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